1. Andreas Gehrer 00:26:24 Henslerkönig 2022
2. Markus Muxel 00:27:49
3. Norbert Kempf 00:30:26


1. Sabine Dünser 00:37:53 Henslerkönigin 2022
2. Monika Ammann 00:39:13
3. Jessica Siegl 00:43:12
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Record donations in glorious sunshine!

In glorious sunshine, numerous runners found their way to the Henslerberg in Schnifis on June 11, 2022. The Social Active Day of Vienna-Life is called "Schnifisschnauf" and donations were collected for a good cause. The event took place for the 5th time and a record amount of EUR 15'000 was raised! The money will be donated to Schulheim Mäder and The Moldova Project. The Schnifisschnauf is a mountain run which is not to be underestimated. About 70 participants mastered a distance of 4.8 kilometers and 680 meters of altitude. Both families and professional athletes took part. We would like to recognize the fastest participants: