Unit-linked Life Insurance

For the sustainable success of personal wealth management and capital protection, it is crucial to structure your assets in a targeted and intelligent manner. Particularly with regard to legal and tax risks. The products of Vienna-Life combine investment funds with the legal and tax advantages of unit-linked life insurance solutions. Thus, the advantages of both worlds are optimally combined. Vienna-Life offers 2 types of unit-linked life insurance: The Private Wealth Police (PWP) and the Vermögensbildungspolice (VbP).

The Private Wealth Police, is a unit-linked life insurance policy and is available from a single premium of EUR 75,000. You will be provided with an asset manager if required and you can choose the investment strategy according to which your assets are to be managed.

The Vermögensbildungspolice is a unit-linked pension insurance and is available to you from monthly contributions of EUR 100 or from a one-off amount of EUR 7,500. Here you can choose from the selection of funds provided by Vienna-Life.

Below in the fund finder you will find the Vienna-Life fund selection. Further advantages of the insurance concepts of Vienna-Life are:

– Political security of the Principality of Liechtenstein as a location (AAA rating, no sovereign debt)
– Estate planning can be arranged in an uncomplicated, discreet manner and without additional costs outside the will
– Transparency due to individual cover pool (for each policy a separate bank account)

In the download area you will find all important information about the products, please read the available information material carefully. Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact the Vienna-Life team.

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Private Wealth Police

The Private Wealth Policy (the “PWP”) is an insurance solution with which comprehensive wealth management can be individually implemented for anyone holding assets. The potentials of the PWP are manifold and include pension and estate management as well as asset management. It is not without reason that PWP is also referred to as “foundation light”. This Vienna Life insurance concept includes foundation-like benefits for contract sums starting at EUR 75,000.

Other advantages:
– Convenient asset management by asset managers
– Simple adaptation of succession arrangements
– Asset investment in an attractive financial center.


The Vermögensbildungspolice (or “VbP”) is a tax and legally compliant, professional insurance concept that is available from monthly contributions of EUR 100 or from a one-time payment of EUR 7,500. Within the framework of the VbP, you will find a fund selection that meets your needs. You can choose your own investment mix or for easier orientation you can choose the recommendations of Vienna-Life, in any case you participate in the development of the investments.

There is a wide diversification possibility. In the Fund Finder you will not only find further information on the respective fund, you can also set filters to get an optimal overview.

Further advantages:
– Individual cover pool, each policy receives its own bank account
– No Paragraph 314 of the Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz-VAG) (prohibition of payment)
– Liechtenstein supervisory law, here customer funds are particularly protected.

ETF Policy

Many say that an ETF savings plan is the savings book of today. An ETF is an exchange-traded index fund that tracks the performance of well-known market indices, e.g. the DAX, one-to-one. This means you can invest in individual markets without worrying about the selection of individual positions. Vienna-Life offers you a very broad selection of the most renowned ETFs. The VbP as an “ETF Policy” is a perfect basic, entry-level or supplementary module to strengthen your capital protection.

ESG Funds

Sustainability is part of the Vienna-Life DNA. Conducting a unit-linked life insurance policy is inevitably associated with thoughts of the future and the next generation. Now there is the possibility to realize the thought of the next generation by choosing the right investment. Vienna Life offers you a selection of funds which, according to the information provided by the investment companies, comply with the EU sustainability rules (SFDR Art. 8 & 9).

Download Area

Information material about the products & more

Here you find important documents regarding Vienna-Life products, forms for the case that you are already a customer and further information about Vienna Life.

In the Document Finder you will find the key information documents for the respective product. In addition, under Strategies, you will find the key information documents for the investment strategies available under the Private Wealth Policy. Under Forms, you will find useful documents regarding your existing policy. Furthermore, you will find additional background information regarding the insurance offers under General Information. Additional information from and about Vienna-Life can be found under Company Information.

In the Fund Finder, you will find a compact summary and the key information documents on those funds that can be selected under the capital formation policy and the private wealth policy.

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Document Type
Angaben gemäß Art. 367h und Art. 367i PGR Information material about the company Download
Änderung der Anlagestrategie für PWP Forms Download
SFDR Art.8 und Art.9 Fonds der VBP General Information Download
VL GoldInvest Plus Fund Barrenliste General Information Download
VL GoldInvest Plus Fund Prospekt ISIN LI0038980699 General Information Download
Silver Plus Fund Prospekt ISIN LI0131952017 General Information Download
VL MultiAsset Basket Fonds Prospekt ISIN LI0500984823 General Information Download
Change of policyholder Forms Download
ETF Police Steuervorteile und mehr General Information Download
Silver Plus Fund Factsheet ISIN LI0131952017 General Information Download
VL GoldInvest Plus Fund Factsheet ISIN: LI0038980699 General Information Download
E-Book Private Wealth Police General Information Download
Private Wealth Police Broschüre General Information Download
Bericht über Solvabilität und Finanzlage 2023 (SFCR) Information material about the company Download
VIG Konzernbericht 2023 Information material about the company Download
VIG Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2023 Information material about the company Download
Handelsregisterauszug Information material about the company Download
Adressänderung / Beitragsfreistellung /Beitragserhöhung / Beitragsreduzierung des bestehenden Versicherungsvertrages Forms Download
Zuzahlungsantrag Forms Download
Todesfallmeldung Forms Download
SEPA-Lastschriftmandat (Einzugsermächtigung und Bankverbindungsänderung) Forms Download
Policenverlusterklärung Forms Download
Geltendmachung der Betroffenenrechte Forms Download
Gebühren für Mehraufwendungen Forms Download
Änderung der Fondsaufteilung VBP Forms Download