Participation in the VIG Talent Program in Berlin

20. October 2022

This week, the second part of the VIG Talent Program took place at the renowned European School of Management and Technology -ESMT in Berlin. A total of 25 people from 12 countries and 19 VIG companies participated. Vienna Life was represented by Maximilian Fichtenbauer.


Die Teilnehmer am VIG Talent Programm 2022


The declared goal of the Talent Program is to give VIG’s internal talent the best possible preparation for the challenges of the coming years and to strengthen the exchange and networking between the companies. After all, the business goals described in the “VIG 25” strategy can only be achieved together!


The famous TV tower was clearly visible from ESMT.


The program will take place from June 2022 to February 2023 and comprises a total of three modules. The first module highlights the topic of “Leadership and Change”. This week, the focus was on “Strategy and Responsibility” and in February 2023, learning and discussion will take place on the topic of “Innovation and Digitalization”. Peer coaching sessions take place between the individual modules to specifically work on the strengths and potentials of the talents and to learn from each other. The commitment of all participants was very high and the feedback very positive: “It’s great to get to know the different colleagues from the other companies. There are many opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Also the quality of the professors on site is impressive!” – says Maximilian Fichtenbauer after his return.


Maximilian Fichtenbauer, represented Vienna-Life at the VIG Talent Program.


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