Investment in silver, high potential and good timing

20. October 2022

Due to thevolatile markets and the return of high key interest rates as well as record inflation, many investors are asking themselves whether investments in precious metals could make sense again. One precious metal that is repeatedly overshadowed by other precious metals is silver. Yet an investment a lot of potential in silver.

Silver is a fundamental investment opportunity that every investor with the basic ideas of asset protection should take advantage of. Silver has an inherent material value that cannot be increased synthetically. Unlike other precious metals, silver is primarily a consumer commodity; it is not held primarily as a strategic currency reserve by governments. Silver is a critical raw material for emerging technologies and it is quite rare to find. Silver is a metal with several unique properties from a physical and chemical perspective. The many properties make the use of silver in future technologies particularly attractive. Examples include high-performance batteries or catalytic converters. Silver is also used in devices such as refrigerators, televisions, solar cells, tablets and smartphones. The range of applications for silver is enormous: More than 42,000 different uses are conceivable, as more than 3,000 patents prove. At the same time, silver deposits are a geological rarity. According to a large number of research findings, silver reserves will decline drastically in the coming years. This means great opportunities for the appreciation of silver in the monetary sense. The only question is how to invest in silver. A recommendable way to invest in silver is the Silver Plus Fund with ISIN: LI0131952017. This fund invests in physical silver and its performance is therefore dependent on the silver price. So you profit from the performance, but you don’t have to worry about the accompanying issues like storage, trading place or similar. The Silver Plus Fund with ISIN LI0131952017 is available as part of a unit-linked life/annuity insurance policy from Vienna-Life. Please visit our homepage for more information.

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